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Know thyself.

Touch of The Goddess Poem

Gentle feathers tickle a soulful rise breath escapes lips two softening eyes Warmth engulfs skin petal light touch whispers on wind a delightful rush Radiance kisses heart joyful harmonies bloom movement entices dance vibrant whirling hues Love-swept embrace Wisdom’s countenance clear anchored in remembrance Home is Here by April Bender An April’s Airings blog post.

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Springtime Sigh Poem

Lilting tones and rainbow hues Dance across a quiet room. Curtains sway, kissed by the wind, Carrying expressions of a gentle afternoon. Its breath is ripe, fragrantly sweet, From wildflower blooms nearby. Earthen woods frame the view, While birds sail high in the sky. The air, it hums, teeming with life, Of a wild and…

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Transcendent Dawn Poem

A Poetic Ode to Lightworkers, Way-showers, and Healers Everywhere Strange these days of novelty, that seem to permeate the land. McKenna theorized when this happens, the end of our “time” is at hand. How long is it we’ve waited,as each season and cycle passed?Healing, transmuting, trailblazing,reading every ascension forecast? We came from many places,our origins…

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Coping with the Absurdity of Current Reality

by April Bender (via Higher Self) The absurdity of your current collective reality is flagrantly showing itself with the passing of each day. What was once right is now left, what was up is now down. Facts have become slippery and the truth is deliberately suppressed in a thick cloud of false or partial narratives…

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A Deluge of Change and Choice

Understanding Where We Are from a Spiritual Perspective by April Bender (via Higher Self) As the untethering of worn moorings continues to play itself out in your life and in every day collective reality, this process brings with it a great deluge of change and choice to consider. For all of humanity stands on the…

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The Untethering of Worn Moorings

by April Bender via Higher Self As The Waters of Change continue to flow in and inundate your world, the old worn cables or moorings that once held individual and collective patternings solidly in place, are beginning to unravel, break and give way. Weakened and deteriorated by all those holding, anchoring, and transmuting the higher…

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Quiet’s Blessing

I was experiencing a bit of the winter blah’s today and came across this poem/blessing I wrote ages ago while cleaning out some old paperwork. I remembered fondly the silent retreat I had attended that inspired the writing of it. I found it uplifting, a wonderful reminder of Quiet’s many gifts, and just the thing…

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