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Know thyself.

The Untethering of Worn Moorings

by April Bender via Higher Self As The Waters of Change continue to flow in and inundate your world, the old worn cables or moorings that once held individual and collective patternings solidly in place, are beginning to unravel, break and give way. Weakened and deteriorated by all those holding, anchoring, and transmuting the higher…

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Quiet’s Blessing

I was experiencing a bit of the winter blah’s today and came across this poem/blessing I wrote ages ago while cleaning out some old paperwork. I remembered fondly the silent retreat I had attended that inspired the writing of it. I found it uplifting, a wonderful reminder of Quiet’s many gifts, and just the thing…

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Your Brain Hallucinates Your Conscious Reality

Two Incredible Examples/Sources As our first example, I am excited to re-share this very engaging and enlightening TED Talk by neuroscientist,¬†Anil Seth, as it offers readers an inside look at some of the amazing research findings coming out in the field of neuroscience. I share this as evidence and affirmation that the new paradigm and…

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The Waters of Change

by April Bender via Higher Self Soul-stirring, awe-inspiring, and titanic, the cleansing and healing celestial waters of the Aquarian Age continue to pour in and inundate your world. Water symbolizes change, flow, flexibility, emotional fluidity, the psyche, and the realm of the unconscious. Both the unconscious of the individual as well as the collective. Water…

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The Estrangement of Those Awakened

by April Bender via Higher Self While the estrangement of those who have awakened to life’s tyranny in relation to the rest of the world/matrix tends to happen at the onset of any age of enlightenment or awakening such as you are now, and have been experiencing with the lead up to and crossing over…

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The Age of Aquarius Arrives!

April Bender via Higher Self Congratulate yourselves, for you’ve finally made it! With the last of the planets moving into the sign of Aquarius this month, a new astrological age has arrived. The next 2,160 year cycle is going to be very different in terms of how life is experienced and felt on planet Earth…

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April’s Airings Returns

Like the fluidity of water seeking form the new April’s Airings blog emerges! In light of my previous blog hosting service and their lack of customer support, I’ve had to rebuild April’s Airings on a better, more secure platform. For you long-time subscribers, I hope you enjoy the experience here as much as you did…

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