Quiet’s Blessing

I was experiencing a bit of the winter blah’s today and came across this poem/blessing I wrote ages ago while cleaning out some old paperwork. I remembered fondly the silent retreat I had attended that inspired the writing of it. I found it uplifting, a wonderful reminder of Quiet’s many gifts, and just the thing I needed to get through a Wednesday “hump day.” After revisiting Quiet for awhile, I dusted it off and revised it a bit in the hopes that it also speaks to you.

May Quiet’s gentle presence walk with you this day.
May its peaceful embrace nourish and sustain you.
May your mind remain calm and your heart open.

May the inner voice of love, of Spirit, be heard over the voice of fear.
May you find freedom from illusion and self-imposed limitation.
May you become aware of and at home with, the many dimensions of self.

May you be kind, patient, and fully present when with others.
May intuition and wisdom guide you in all that you say or do.
And May you always remember, Quiet’s many gifts to you.

In all of this, May You Be Blessed.

by April Bender on behalf of sweet Quiet

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