The Untethering of Worn Moorings

by April Bender via Higher Self

As The Waters of Change continue to flow in and inundate your world, the old worn cables or moorings that once held individual and collective patternings solidly in place, are beginning to unravel, break and give way. Weakened and deteriorated by all those holding, anchoring, and transmuting the higher incoming energetics (in some cases over many years), as well as the nature of this cyclical time, window, or age of mass ascension you collectively find yourselves in. For all these reasons, the untethering of worn moorings has begun in earnest.

While I previously spoke of the larger, collective changes coming your way, today I shall like to discuss transformation happening at the individual level of consciousness as these weak and worn moorings are cast off and you are released, untethered into an updraft of 5D (and above) air or higher energetics.

I compare this space to the element of air because it symbolizes fresh thoughts, new beginnings, elevated concepts and ways of being/seeing/thinking, or a break in the normal mental patterning of the individual and subsequent movement into higher-frequency states of consciousness. As individual sparks of Divinity or the Oneness of all that is, all of humanity has the potential to tap into a vast spectrum of consciousness and dimensional energy. Most humans do oscillate between a range of frequencies and/or states of conscious awareness at any given time, but what I am describing is a major up-stepping for all, wherever they may find themselves.

These major up-steppings are not new, they have been occurring throughout the entirety of the ascension process as individuals and the collective reach ever increasing levels of greater conscious awareness. This is another such time, as each individual will find themselves located on a new, higher, plateau or rung of the ascension ladder. Where the “air” of thought takes on additional and expanded qualities – which leads to expanded choice, opportunity, shifts in ways of being/knowing, and an overall heightened and uplifting experience of reality. Some may feel a sense of “coming home” to deeper parts of self, the greater reality, and to the spiritual freedom they didn’t know was theirs. Re-igniting a fire and love of life deep within as well as the desire to protect it.

What this means for everyone in the most broadest sense is that when you are not overly distracted or mired in lower 3D energy exchanges or dramas, the key here being balance, you are now or soon will be able to access higher and deeper states of clarity, understanding, interconnection, freedom, and lightness or peace than previously able. These energies, this expanded space/state, will continue to grow in intensity up to and through the Spring Equinox. As a result, you will be encountering day-to-day life and problem-solving from a brand new space/perspective, and way of being.

In a practical sense, this higher-dimensional space and energy, will encourage you strongly to switch up and break out of your daily routines and identifications. As one small example, to perhaps start each morning from a space of checking in with yourself and then moving toward what is really needed, and not necessarily what your routine has pre-destined. You will start to question more deeply why you do the things/rituals that you do and what or who it serves in all arenas of your life. You’ll once again be seeking or experiencing an expanded state of identity and sense of self as you grow in this new space. You’ll be examining and fine tuning your intentions and motivations for everything that you do. In essence, you will be taking stock of everything once again, but from a higher vantage point than the last time you spiraled through.

As a result, you will further release any invisible chains of conditioning and thought-control that continue to bind and limit you spiritually by once again letting go of those things (thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and actions) that no longer serve you. That you’ve realized you no longer need to own, carry, or wear. That includes any remaining vestiges of guilt, shame, grief, or unworthiness that some may still be carrying. As one’s spirit/soul now seeks to be fully empowered and light-body fully activated to the individual degree possible. For in many cases, it is your daily routines and patterns that are keeping many locked into 3D reality or this particular frame/matrix of time/space.

Overall, you will come to better discern those ways of being and thinking that are incongruent with living a more conscious higher-dimensional life based on love/communion, wholeness, interconnection, freedom and joy. And it becomes much easier to let those remaining limiting patterns and perspectives fall away each level you climb or ascend. This time through you should notice a bit more ease with the overall process. And also because this is part of the greater cleansing and renewal that is taking place at the collective level. You are unburdening yourself of all remaining illusion and in the process, helping the collective to unburden and heal itself as well.

I encourage you to try to consciously feel and tap into this new space. The qualities are truly phenomenal! As you open more and more to your full interdimensional capacities, you must learn how to turn your own internal dials to tap into the reality or frequency of experience that you want. This opportunity or opening is there for you in large measure, but you must acknowledge, embrace, and work to bring or pull those energies into your everyday life and experience if you are to utilize and anchor them fully. For you are providing the new moorings and foundation of tomorrow by doing so.

When you get lost or overly distracted by the crumbling 3D world, turn your sights, your attention to the spiritual, to 5D and above. In nature particularly, you can see evidence of these most beautiful energies in the cast and play of the sun’s light, there is a crisp purity of newness in the air, and once you begin to let those sensations in it becomes much easier to feel underneath them, to attune to the overall higher energetics and your new dwelling space.

For this dwelling space will be your anchor, your center and grounding, in the times to come. As the Waters of Change sweep away most of the systems, structures, social contracts, etc. of a dying world. For so long you have been asked to straddle worlds, to straddle frequencies. But very soon, the footing of the old will disappear from view and your footing in the new must be firmly established.

So in the meantime, enjoy exploring and getting to know this new space, this new dimension of self and the expanded qualities and insights it provides. For going forward, you have a blank slate from which to create from. Willfully create something beautiful, something worthy of the divinity or spark of creation in which you carry and express. Embrace the luminosity, gentleness, and grace of this space – as this space is YOU.

In this work you are blessed.

Until next time.

An April’s Airings Post