The Waters of Change

by April Bender via Higher Self

Soul-stirring, awe-inspiring, and titanic, the cleansing and healing celestial waters of the Aquarian Age continue to pour in and inundate your world. Water symbolizes change, flow, flexibility, emotional fluidity, the psyche, and the realm of the unconscious. Both the unconscious of the individual as well as the collective.

Water also brings change, it cleanses and renews and by its sheer power, can carve out new pathways in any existing landscape, no matter how hard or resistant that landscape may seem. Water is a crucial element of birth, of life, and is considered a great nurturer and sustainer of vital forces. It is also the element that is the easiest to impress/program with focused thought and intention (see summary of Dr. Emoto’s water crystal work here.)

With water playing such a symbolic and catalyzing role in this new astrological age, there is little in your world that will go untouched by it’s transformative nature. Let us take a look utilizing the qualities of water to better understand the energetic shifts that are both underway and on the horizon as we move toward the Spring Equinox and beyond.

The Outpouring of the Collective Unconsciousness

The outpouring of the collective unconscious and/or the collective psyche has been an ongoing process leading up to the crossing over into the astrological Age of Aquarius and will intensify into 2021 and beyond. What was once bubbling rivers and small estuaries is fast becoming swollen rivers and great lakes as the waters rise.

From deep down below, stirs all the fear, the suffering, the distrust, the aching and yearning for a better, freer, more holistic and supportive experience of Earth, of physical reality. One that is more in line with the image and knowledge of human beings as boundless divine creator beings endowed with free will and the power to create any circumstance desired utilizing that free will for the benefit of self and for all. For the Collective Will no longer accepts the image of a limited slave/consumer kept in a bar-less prison and/or box. It has a greater vision for itself thanks to all of you who have helped to seed/intend and anchor that vision. So revelation is also a natural product of this outpouring and examination of the psyche.

This will lead to increased levels of emotional outburst (protests, possible riots, and desperate people doing desperate things). The focus of these outbursts will vary depending on the trigger (of which there will be many), as there are thousands of years of suffering, hurt, and anger that has been suppressed within the collective unconscious. Not just from those who live today, but within the spirit/memory of the ancestors and the land as well. You also have the dark forces attempting to tighten down on controls (censorship, pandemic, utilization of the National Guard, etc.) in order to stop The Great Awakening and ensure their vision is the one to get implemented.

To the individual observer, this may appear very chaotic as there will be many calls for fairness, freedom, or social justice in a variety of arenas and it will be challenging to discern the real stories of pain and injustice from the false narratives and the distractions that are sought by them.

Cleansing and Healing

As you can imagine, there is a lot of damage but also a great opportunity for healing to be had. There are many shadows that will need to be examined and integrated for healing and wholeness, both at the individual and collective levels. Many lightworker’s have already been engaged with this as part of the Three Waves process in preparation for this time, but if you find yourself struggling, you may wish to read my previous message, Cycles of Death and Rebirth: The Power of Letting Go.

The ultimate goal or aim, is to examine and ultimately heal what arises in the unconscious (of self and the collective) so that it is emptied in preparation for it’s ideal 5D use – manifestation/co-creation. Remember, water is symbolic of the unconscious and as such it is considered a “feminine” principle. The unconscious is related to the womb, the void, the hara/sacral chakra in each of you. Without proper training and even worse, in the 3D conditions in which you physically reside, many use their wombs or inner black canvases (void) which contain all universal possibilities (think of the cosmic womb – as above so below) in which to impress or call forth your purest intentions from – as a trash bin!

Many seek to trash every negative feeling, emotion, or experience that they’ve ever had by stuffing/repressing it way deep down inside your hara/sacral chakras. It’s what you were taught as children. Oftentimes when you do this, it muddies or colors your entire energy body or chakra system – so congested becomes the sacral. And then some also wonder why their deepest fears or anxieties continue to play themselves out. For you cannot simply trash the energies you don’t know what to do with or don’t want to face – for energy cannot be destroyed it must be healed/transmuted! For until one is trained/practiced or grows in self-awareness, they are only impressing in their creative wombs whatever dross they’ve repressed in there!

And this is exactly what the dark forces want. To keep the masses tuned into the 3D frequencies of fear, doubt, limitation, and lack. As I mentioned in my last message, this is one of the tactics used to control humanity’s WILL. For if they control the collective’s will they control the experience. For they know that if you were to merge your masculine and feminine aspects of self you would become unstoppable! It is the meeting or merging of the masculine (conscious self) with the feminine (unconscious self) – and the imprinting of conscious intention (desire) into the unconscious (feminine womb) that sets creation in motion!!! For your unconscious then follows the directive of your conscious self and begins pulling toward you that which you have imprinted/desired. It is not your conscious self that drives your life, it is your unconscious self! This is the cleansing and healing that your world so desperately needs, and these waters flooding into your world will see it done.

Many of you on the upper rungs of the ascension ladder have already been practicing or working with the concept of manifestation and conscious creation as well as examining and healing your shadows. Becoming a conscious creator and balancing or merging the masculine/feminine principles within is one of the final lessons on the path to ascension. Once you master this and use this gift for the benefit of self and all consistently, you master 5D reality. Once the majority or a tipping point of the collective realizes this, the world ascends/transforms to 5D (or heals and returns to a greater sense of Oneness.)

Carves Through Seemingly Unmovable Landscapes

As the outpouring continues and the waters rise further and begin a more powerful churn (around the Spring Equinox), it’s going to begin to carve it’s way through the social landscape (social structures, systems, social contracts), moving things around and levelling others. Anywhere that has already suffered damage and is vulnerable is likely to crumble and succumb to the waves.

One example is your financial systems and structures (they are not as viable as some of you have been led to believe), and you’ve already seen a recent indication or revealing of this with the stock market and the shorting of Game Stop. The dark forces would like to see the current system come down, as they have already drained the bounty from it and look forward to doing it again after their Great Reset. This will be one of those areas that can be very confusing for the casual observer in that the dark forces and their media minions will give the appearance of “saving you” from a financial collapse. When in reality you are collectively moving toward the transcendence of a monetary system and are quite capable of co-creating or calling into existence a system that works better for all (not just the elites). Again, discernment will be key.

Other examples include more interruptions or delays for food, gas supplies, and healthcare as prices spike and these systems struggle under the weight of pandemic 2.0. While the pandemic is a very real man-made virus that has been released on an unsuspecting global populace, what it is has not been truthfully revealed nor has its treatment. And the dark forces or global elite are preparing to double down on their cover story of oppression in the coming days/weeks ahead. Many countries and populations have already seen this, but the United States is on course to be next. There will be a new variant or two announced that will generate a brand new round of fear and anxiety in the populace. The intention of this latest announcement will be to place even more measures of control over the populace. But it’s too late, too many are already awake.

Globally, impacts will be felt most keenly in nation states from financial impacts as well as a huge leadership vacuum. Many leaders have already chosen to step down, resign, or retire early. Expect another wave the first half of this year. The reasons for this are two-fold: 1) in-fighting between the powers-that-be and a fear of being caught “holding the bag” when the public finds out or reacts; 2) the challenges or problems that are/will be appearing seem too daunting to tackle.

There will also be more UFO and/or inter-dimensional sightings, as more and more people reach out and initiate first contact on their own and because the veils have grown so incredibly thin over the years due to the cycle you’re in and the work that’s been done. This is actually ideal or preferred as each one of you has the natural capacity to commune with other forms of life all across the universal web of life. Of course discernment and safety protocols are needed, much like anytime you reach out to connect with someone you consider a stranger. But this interaction or connection cannot and should not continue with your government authorities as they make deals and negotiate with those who would do harm and give away humanity’s divine agency and freedom in exchange for fancy space technology.

Weather-wise there will be some weather anomalies as the Earth’s weather patterns continue to change and shift as a result of the present cycle and the incoming energies/waters. Earthquakes, storms, fires, hurricanes, etc. will be on the rise as well as man-made disasters. People will be thinking and reacting more out of their emotions this year and not from their heads – again related to the psyche and the outpouring of waters. There will also be periods where individuals can quite easily fall into personal states of reflective peace and tranquility due to the underlying 5D and above energetics. You may even experience these lulls here and there in collective life, amidst the more chaotic or unsettling periods.

Lastly, as I’ve mentioned, revelation will be the biggest wave this year and in the coming 3-4 years. Big topics of revelation will include Antarctica, space technologies, just how large and complex the world’s human trafficking network is and who participates, more about shadow governments and global elites, declassified experiments and technologies to limit human capacity as well as heighten it, revelations about the financial sector and how it really works, just to name a handful. There will also be quite a number of people who join the ranks of investigative journalist, whistle-blower, and truth-tellers this year.

I share these words in an effort to prepare you for the times ahead, for the Great Awakening is here! It will be chaotic at times, your vision/clarity may be hindered, your loved ones may be afraid, you may not know what move to make next. And I say, TRUST in who you ARE, what you KNOW and are INTENDING, what you BELIEVE and have FAITH in your inherent superpowers, and you shall find your way always. The fog will lift and the clarity will come. You will be tested in this and others will look to you for guidance, so be prepared!

In essence it’s “go” time, it’s what you came/incarnated here for! It’s time to stand in your full spiritual/divine glory, your mighty I AM presence, in your spiritual warriorhoods! Get ready, for people will be turning to you (whether you want them to or not) for discernment, to know what you think about unfolding events, to help them understand, to put all this in a larger and proper frame so they don’t think the world is turning upside down or against them for no reason. You could even talk to them of their superpowers. You can be a beautiful lit island for these refugees, perhaps even the same ones who never understood your role from the beginning.

In closing, I would once again offer you my loving congratulations. You’ve prepared for this moment for so very long, waiting to see evidence of this 3D prison falling away and now it begins, for the waters shall cleanse away all that must go, and the brilliance with which you will help in the coming times to collectively envision, co-create and refine the new structures, new systems, and new social contracts more resonate with a higher frequency 5D world will be spectacular! Your starry as well as your earthly ancestors stand witness, the higher orders stand witness as do all local orders of creation, for now is the time it begins in earnest, and you shall light the way!

On this journey you are blessed.

Until next time. . .

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