The Age of Aquarius Arrives!

April Bender via Higher Self

Congratulate yourselves, for you’ve finally made it! With the last of the planets moving into the sign of Aquarius this month, a new astrological age has arrived. The next 2,160 year cycle is going to be very different in terms of how life is experienced and felt on planet Earth as well as neighboring planets and connected realms/worlds as you collectively transition from a 3D to a 5D reality frame and structure. The spring equinox will mark the official celebration as the first day of a new year (2021) as well as the turning of the Age.

While 2012 denoted the beginning of roughly a 9-year transition (the numerology of 9 symbolizes “divine completion” as well as finishing up the old while building the new at the same time) period between the old and new age, much of what you were expecting to see in 2012 is beginning to play out strongly now. It was always meant to be this way, as previous cycles, seasons, and ancient civilizations have testified, however, there was some misinterpretation about what 2012 really signified.

To put it plainly, the Winter Solstice of 2012 was meant to be a timed wake up call, a divine consciousness trigger and flashing-red caution that whatever humanity was building in consciousness (thought, word and deed) would be the seeds of the upcoming Aquarian Age, and that you had entered a crucial time period of transition. This is the knowledge and important role that ancient timekeepers had in order to prepare future generations like yours for the times to come.

You must remember that the new age offers tremendous opportunity for the spiraling up of consciousness but it also presents the opportunity to spiral down – depending on what is infused or seeded in the collective conscious. And this of course brings me to the beautiful role that each and every one of you came to Earth to play, and have played beautifully – that of tipping the scales to an up-spiral, ultimately leading to the fully anchored experience of 5D!

Please know that during these difficult transition years, from 2012 to now, all higher sources sought as best as they could the right balance of information versus motivation through their channels. If we had shared in 2012 that you’d be waiting until 2020/2021 to see signs of the more significant changes/shifts you were looking for, many of you would have felt discouraged and no longer motivated to fulfill your missions. And this would have happened during a very crucial transition window where it was of utmost importance to hold the line, to anchor the energies, to transmute, and prepare the soil so to speak for this exact time – the culmination phase of The Great Awakening.

Some channels did come right out and share the information that what you were hoping to see wouldn’t come to pass until 2020/2021 and as a result there was a great deal of outcry and walking away out of sheer frustration and exhaustion. As your Higher Self, my role is to guide you and motivate you to fulfill your life’s purpose, and I know you better psychologically and spiritually than you know yourself. The same can be said of everyone’s Higher Self. We do not seek to trick or misguide you, but at times certain information needed to be held back in order for you to maintain a sense of motivation and purpose to prepare you, so you could help prepare the masses, for the arrival of this most exciting time.

During these last 9 years of transition you have been riding out the three waves of global transformation. It’s been a long and intense process for many of you but a necessary one. In its divine timing this process is peaking, moving towards its zenith, exactly as you find yourselves entering the new Age of Aquarius. That is not by mistake, but by divine design.

There is a great deal that will be unfolding visibly this year into the next 3-4 years. What I am describing are monumental shifts in collective awareness (as the remaining masses awaken) as well as the 3D matrix itself, as it sputters its last breath, that will see humanity encountering a massive change of structures in nearly every arena: finance, education, government, health, technology, social contracts, etc. A new normal will eventually come out of this, but don’t expect one for quite a while. For the next 3-4 years will bring a lot of exciting and/or hidden news to the fore but it will also bring uprising and chaos as the collective wakes up, systems fail or collapse (sometimes one after the other) and new alternatives are constructed and tested. Can you not already feel this in the air? See some early evidence of it in your own life or media?

Adding to the complexity of the moment are the dueling narratives and the polarization of the masses by TPTB into left and right boxes, as one example to further incite division. For these dark forces know that there are more of you than them. So these power elite are desperately trying to exercise some semblance of control but their rule and their power are hollow and the masses are fast realizing this.

While the battle up to this point has been mainly an internal affair, meaning that individual and small group or more invisible work has taken precedence in preparation for this time (spiritual growth, healing, anchoring, transmuting, raising awareness when possible, etc.), this next phase will see the battleground materialize most concretely in your outer material world. The focus now shifts with urgency to waking those up around you to the oppressiveness of your reality, as there will be plenty of visible examples you can point to that reveal the truth: that humanity has been enslaved and manipulated for millennia by TPTB which include inter-dimensional/extra-terrestrial manipulation. All revelation will lead in a step-wise fashion to this greater truth. And the revelations are going to be coming harder and faster as you move forward in time – much like labor or birth pangs.

There is so much more to share but for now I hope this message has helped to paint the larger picture as to where the overall ascension process or Great Awakening currently stands and has helped to clarify some of the misconceptions of the past. In a way you have come full circle and it is in the realization of that I hope you can now see that it all adds up to this precise most amazing moment, when the Age of Aquarius arrives!

In upcoming messages, we will begin to dive into the detail layers of what’s ahead both energetically and outwardly, how to best navigate the complexity involved, the idea of another timeline shift or two Earths, the significance of water as a symbol of this Age, and a few specific events that should be playing out around the time of the equinox, give or take.

In the meantime, may you be blessed in your Herculean ascension efforts and may you remember that all you need to complete this mission is within you. Know you are held in love and are supported fully and that the best is yet to come.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius!

Until next time. . .

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