April’s Airings Returns

Like the fluidity of water seeking form the new April’s Airings blog emerges!

In light of my previous blog hosting service and their lack of customer support, I’ve had to rebuild April’s Airings on a better, more secure platform. For you long-time subscribers, I hope you enjoy the experience here as much as you did before.

Here is the old blog in case you’d like to get a sense of the type of content I post.

As an update, The Great Awakening is now fully upon us, and Spirit, my star and earthly ancestors along with Higher Self have urged me to begin sharing messages once more in preparation for what is to come. Humanity’s collective consciousness is reaching a fevered pitch globally of blossoming awareness concerning the illusions of worldly affairs. As these illusions continue to crack and crumble and are left by the wayside, a huge vacuum will arise within the field of collective consciousness. Depending upon an individual’s worldview, perspective, and resonance, they will find themselves filling that vacuum with either a predominance of love, trust, and faith or of fear – 3D vs 5D (and above).

After several years even decades of reclamation, soul retrieval, and integration work both on the individual and collective levels, the building of our light-bodies, the manifestation of the collective higher mind and/or web of life by building relationships and networks of support and communion with human and other forms of conscious life, the activation of earth’s grid, and all the other foundational work we’ve done, we have now reached the long awaited time of culmination, The Age of Aquarius – when all that has been incubated, healed, anchored, and shifted within explodes into outer reality (the tipping point), ultimately changing it for better or worse (timeline/consciousness split). You could also say it is the emptying, examining, and healing of the collective psyche, which is symbolized by water. As well as the birthing or water breaking of the experience of 5D on Earth.

This is where the collective efforts of lightworkers, healers, starseeds, shamans, way-showers, ascension candidates, and the planetary ascension team (PAT) all comes in. While the road was much longer than any of us could anticipate, now is the hour of our greatest activation and need. For in this year of 2021, the tidal wave of awakening will begin to lift up and smash the grip that the power elite have had over the global population for millennia. We are also about to be formally introduced to other inter-dimensional and extra-terrestrial forms of life and technologies through disclosure. It will indeed be an exciting year! Even the sleepers/deniers will have their bells rung this year from the secrets revealed (revelation), which will cause a great deal of fear and cognitive dissonance for them. Things will appear chaotic for a time and dueling narratives will continue to sow confusion for a time, so we must all be prepared to respond, support, and mobilize assistance when needed and to more importantly, speak and live our truth out loud.

So all that to say, I am glad to be back and have committed to Universe, Higher Self, and you the reader to publish messages consistently during this most crucial time period of 2021 – 2025. There is so much more to say/clarify and a great deal I am already being shown. Please stay tuned! A new channeled message will be posted soon. I may need just a couple days to continue to tweak the set-up and back end of this blog to make sure it’s functioning properly.

And for you die-hard followers and subscribers over the years, Thank You, I love and appreciate you more than you will ever know. I look forward to being in even deeper community with you going forward.

Much love and light,


An April’s Airings Post