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April’s Airings

Daily Practice Tools

Highlighted below are a number of YouTube channels that provide wonderful daily meditation experiences to help expand consciousness and keep you sane, grounded, and calm during these most exciting and yet turbulent times.

“A Fire Cleansing” – The Honest Guys

The Honest Guys

This YouTube channel offers a variety of wonderful high-quality guided meditations to help you re-center, ground, and let go. They seem to offer something for everyone.

Guided Meditation “Linking to the Cosmic Grid” – Brian Scott

The Reality Revolution – Brian Scott

This YouTube channel offers really cool and expanded forms of guided meditation to better induce consciousness expansion, inner realm exploration and states of unity/divine oneness. Ideal for mystics, journeyers, seekers, conscious creators, and explorers of consciousness wanting to take their practice to the next level.

“555Hz 5D Healing Wave” – Healing Meditation

Healing Meditation – Artist DAHYE

This YouTube channel offers sound healing and therapy through the use of various soundwave frequencies and harmonics. DAYHE composes her meditation music to deliver high-consciousness love and peace energy, healing and expansion with angel number frequencies, music for relaxation and deep sleep and that promotes beautiful brain waves and various other types of healing and holistic states.

“4K Jungle Waterfall Ambiance” – Relaxation Windows 4K

Relaxation Windows 4K Nature

This YouTube channel offers an amazing array of ultra high quality ambient nature windows to relax and unwind to.

More channels to come.

If you have other suggestions that might be helpful to list here, please comment down below and include a link to the YouTube channel you are recommending.

4 replies to Practice Tools
    1. Ah that’s wonderful! Yes I love the Honest Guys and usually pick something out from them to listen to about 2-3x a week. I look forward to checking out the videos at the link you provided. Thanks so much!
      In love and light,

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome! Also, I love the Headspace app. on my phone. I use one of the meditations to go to sleep just about every night. And it’s cheap (free?) if you’re a teacher or student.


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