The Three Waves

The Three Waves of Global Transformation Explained

by April Bender via Higher Self

This 2018 blog repost from my previous April’s Airings blogsite is a channeled message by Higher Self which explains the basic process, premise, and energetics that have been playing out over the last several years that are now culminating just as we enter the threshold of The Age of Aquarius!

It’s been awhile since our last channeled forecast but today I wish to update you on the current energetics and primary forces at play upon your world in the hopes that this information generates deeper understanding and insight within those consciously participating with the ongoing ascension and/or waking up process here on Earth.

Energetics by and large within the collective, as well as the individual (as above/so below), continue to converge in three major waves of transformation: 1) revelation; 2) reclamation and; 3) healing and integration. . . all leading to greater heights of awareness, wholeness, and upliftment. Ultimately changing the very fabric of reality, the overall experience of Earth, and humanity’s place within it.

At times it may seem as if the sheer size, power, and force of any one of these waves may crash over, inundate and carry one away in it’s murky depths. However I wish to assure you that with the right perspective, understanding, and guidance, one can learn to harness and ride these waves or work proactively with these processes, instead of feeling that they are purely at the mercy of them. So let us examine these waves more closely:

noun – 

  1. a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way.
  2. the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence or the world.

As part of Earth’s ascension process, a great deal of what has been residing within the collective unconscious has begun to make its way into conscious awareness on a global scale. This is due in large part to those light-workers and spiritual way-showers who have successfully anchored a great deal more light and awareness on this planet through their own spiritual and healing practices, transformative processes, creative endeavors, as well as their ways of being in the world (living as an example). It’s also due in part to heightened cosmic energies currently streaming onto the planet. And to be clear, there are many souls from many different traditions as well as forms of consciousness (seen and unseen), that are actively working toward and lending their energies to the ascension/re-enchantment of the world. Or as others would say, “a return to wholeness.”

Humanity is now at a point where many of its key dysfunctions and critical areas in need of healing are being reflected back to itself in very dramatic and dynamic ways. While many of these areas and issues have already taken root in humanity’s awareness such as human rights, earth/sustainability practices, and the need for greater acceptance and inclusion, what is being highlighted at this time are what you would call greater “systemic failures.” And this will continue to be a major focus of revelatory experience in the months and years ahead.

If one imagines the neural network of the higher collective mind (that which we aspire to and is waking up and becoming conscious), you would see very small individual points of light representing every illuminated or awakened soul (or consciousness) on earth. You would also see very fine lines of connection, like a web, running to and between these individual points of light. You would also notice that in certain intersections of this neural web of light there would be bright pulsating nodal points, where many points of connection intersect or converge for a moment, before flowing back out in smaller streams or lines along this web.

These bright pulsating nodal points could be considered as “collective centers of exchange and agreement.” From these nodal points, patterns of light/information are communicated or pulsated out to the rest of the web or collective higher mind (and those other minds/systems connected to it). This information contains your patterns of collective belief, resonance, and ways of being, responding, and interpreting each other, nature, and the larger world or to put simply, collective “archetypes.” These naturally flow into and inform the creation of your outer “systems,” among many other collective agreements and manifestations of such. This is why the ancients for example, understood the power of collective myth in shaping societies.

Your old systems created out of old collective beliefs or thought patterns are no longer being supported. Hence they are collapsing/dying under the weight of scrutiny and the constant bombardment of revelation. They no longer work, are unsustainable and frankly, you have collectively outgrown their resonance. Many of the “isms” of your world extend from these sorts of outworn collective agreements (stemming from old and outworn collective thought patterns, many of which are based on fear, division, and self-preservation.)

The problem is, they are all so deeply embedded in or connected to one another that massive change is called for at all levels. Attempting to address one issue or facet alone is not sufficient. For the aim of this age is for you as a collective on earth to relate to one another and your world out of understanding your inherent unity and therefore, wholeness. As such, a holistic understanding and vision of systems must now be co-created and propagated by all light-workers and way-showers in whatever domains, fields, disciplines, or communities they find themselves working and/or expressing in.

Unfortunately, many of these souls are getting distracted and caught up in “us vs. them” thinking as daily they are bombarded by dramatically colored revelations and secrets revealed thanks to your media (while the more exciting revelations stemming from science, archaeology, anthropology, etc. go largely under reported). Many of these high profile revelations are difficult to digest without the added sensationalism the media provides and there are so many more yet to come. Instead of being swayed to a particular side or indulging in divisive thinking (blaming/judging) based on a false or partially-true political or media driven narratives, zoom out and consider the magnitude of secrets being revealed on ALL sides in EVERY domain and who stands to benefit. Look for the larger patterns and themes that are emerging from the collective shadows for these are what you should seek as a species to integrate the wisdom of and ultimately heal and transcend!

Stop blaming each other for everyone has played a role in where you now find yourselves (either actively or passively) and it is only together that you will co-create the way forward, breaking through those oppressive barriers that have been set to keep you controlled, limited, enslaved. Let those who wish to dig in the ashes and attempt to resurrect that which is dying do so…for you have matters of greater import in which to fix your gaze upon. And remember what you give your attention and awareness to, you give life to. Will you reside in the terminally ill collective mind or do you wish to return home to the higher collective mind? Or put another way, Will you continue to add to the sickness, oppression, and dysfunction of the world or the healing/re-enchantment/ascension of it?

Revelation is not an easy thing, personally or collectively, as it shakes up everything you thought you knew and oftentimes turns it on its head. The truth can be difficult to swallow or allow. But do not forget that revelation also offers an opportunity for transformation through reflection, learning, growth and the emergence and application of wisdom. Whether you surf this wave by placing your feet on your higher self’s vantage point or let it pound you into a ball of fear and confusion by allowing your small or little self to be carried away by it is your choice, however the former leads to individual and collective reclamation/restoration and the latter leads only to dis-empowerment and dis-ease. Which will you manifest?

noun –

  1. 1. the process of claiming something back or of reasserting a right.

The second powerful wave of transformation rolling across the sea of your collective mind and/or local web of life is that of Reclamation. This process or movement has been in the works for quite some time and continues to gain in height, depth, and intensity. It is the reclamation of your divine birthrights such as joy, freedom, empowerment, communion and co-creation with all forms of life, peace, abundance, unconditional love, well-being, creativity, authenticity, etc. and the honoring of all life as a conscious expression of the Divine One – that will see you and your world healed, renewed, and uplifted.

The process of reclamation is not an easy one however, for it requires one to let go and purify oneself of all that limits and no longer serves, before these higher truths and/or expressions can be fully accessed, reclaimed, and integrated within, not to mention made manifest in one’s life. One must make room for these divine birthrights to reside and they must find fertile soil in an inner place that has already been prepared – otherwise they will only be guests and never residents.

This preparation or purification process is spoken of in many traditions and goes by many names: the process of initiation, the process of death and rebirth, the light body process, the tree of life (active), soul-retrieval, alchemy, magic, etc. Whichever name you prefer, all collective thoughts and outer manifestations are a reflection of where masses of individuals reside along this transformative journey.

You have already shared a great deal about the reclamation process – the various forms it can take, what is being asked of initiates, how one may begin cultivating their divine gifts and capacities and lay that fertile inner soil, etc., so I shall not be redundant here. See previous posts below for more:

Just know that like the previous wave of Revelation, this second wave of Reclamation isn’t going anywhere anytime soon though it will continue to arc in intensity and strength. Both Revelation and Reclamation (along with influencing each other) also flow directly into and inspire the movements of this next and final wave.

Healing and Integration
noun – – healing

  1. 1.the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.

The third major wave or energetic in play at this time is that of Healing and Integration though it’s influence is not yet quite as impressive as the other two. However, as more souls move deeper and deeper into this phase or process, this energetic wave will also gain in scope and intensity – ultimately producing the long awaited manifestation of a 5D reality/paradigm for life here on earth (as well spiraling out to all connected systems/orders of life).

As one begins letting go of and reclaiming all the Divine gifts and capacities that are inherently theirs, an incredible healing or return to wholeness begins to take place in one’s body, mind, and spirit. Ultimately restoring the many distorted and limited selves into One beautiful divine expression of Self in human form – who is then able to commune and co-create with all connected orders of life. For the power of One flows from the Many and the power of Many flows from the One. When one has learned how to commune and exchange with the many within the One – one will then acquire additional capacities such as telepathy, bi-location, consciousness blending, and at will forms of projection and journeying to name just a few.

In the meantime, as more individuals open up these channels of communion and communication with various orders of creation, the more orders will make themselves known to you and to the collective. They will move a little bit closer so to speak, in order to more fully engage, interact, and offer their assistance to you. For example, over the years you’ve seen more and more sources of channeled information emerge from the angelic and star orders to the inner earth Agarthans to the permeation of the Divine Feminine. You have also seen a renewed connection and interest in the use of nature spirits in the form of plant, animal, and yes mineral allies/medicine as well as honoring and/or calling on the ancestors. As a result of this healing and integration wave, the veils are continuing to thin making communion and communication that much easier with various forms of conscious life.

In closing, all three of these energetic waves are equally important to the overall ascension or re-enchantment of the world and given that they are complex processes of transformation, they have and will continue to take some time to work through. However I hope this message and the larger frame it attempts to provide, serves to keep your thoughts and actions above the fray and to observe all that is transpiring from a higher vantage point so as not to become discouraged or disheartened – allowing you to place your time and energies into worthwhile activities that will nourish not only your return to wholeness/ascension but also the collective’s.

On this journey you are blessed.

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