Why Face Surveillance Must Be Banned – A TEDx Talk

by April Bender

While most of us are awake to the fact that censorship, the sharing of personal information, and surveillance methods are tools increasingly employed by world governments and corporations as mechanisms of control and not for safety and convenience as we’ve been told, we must also realize that as awaken individuals we are obligated to work more actively to raise awareness around and protest such draconian measures. For perhaps we understand more than anyone else what’s at stake and the type of world that we are inviting into existence if we continue to allow them to stand.

We must continue to shed light and contribute to The Great Awakening in any way that we can by casting light or pointing out all the ways that humanity is being disempowered, manipulated, and enslaved. It is in that spirit that I will be providing this type of shareable content periodically as it can be easily seen, understood, and digested by the masses. It’s in a candy wrapper (a well known or respected outlet/person) that they recognize and are more apt to respect and hear. While we are not personally responsible for waking others up, for that in the end is their choice, we do have a responsibility to point out or remind others of this crucial information. What they do with that information is up to them.

In the TEDx Talk below, Kade Crockford, Director of the Technology for Liberty Program at the ACLU, explains why facial surveillance technologies specifically must be banned and why they are so dangerous. This is a wonderful and engaging video to share or watch with friends, family members, or others who may still be asleep, unaware, or don’t fully understand the implications of these technologies on the quality of life for future generations to come.

The length of this video is approximately 14 minutes.


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