A Deluge of Change and Choice

Understanding Where We Are from a Spiritual Perspective

by April Bender (via Higher Self)

As the untethering of worn moorings continues to play itself out in your life and in every day collective reality, this process brings with it a great deluge of change and choice to consider. For all of humanity stands on the precipice of a new age or collective reality shift and remember, there is more than one destination to choose from.

Over the course of this last year Spirit (or whatever form or deity that takes for you) and your higher selves invited each of you to pay close attention to the choices you were making in every given moment. Were you giving your energy and agency over to fear? Or to love and wholeness? What was mainly driving you? A need for safety and protection? Or a sense of empowerment and stepping into the divine fire of unfoldment? Was Spirit/God alive and actively felt in your experience or simply a connection you sought to attain to something outside of yourself? Did you search for truth amidst the choir of confusion, or did you simply go along with what you were told? Did you stand in divine sovereignty over your body which houses your spiritual/energetic body, or did you waive your rights for the sake of the “greater good?” Again, did you make your choices out of love/trust/wholeness in your relationship with self and Spirit, or out of fear?

Who was the ultimate voice of authority you were listening and responding to?

The answers to these questions including the why are very important, as a spiritual test or initiation, and demark where you are on your path of spiritual initiation and/or ascension.

Messages were not shared during the course of this last year as it was imperative that each individual initiate chose and acted for themselves. Those choices have now been sealed and individual and collective realities will continue to expand to accommodate them – based on the “truth” you chose.

For those who overcame their fear by standing in divine love, will, and sovereignty over self – who searched for truth and guidance and when truth was scarce, relied heavily on their intuition and connection with Spirit/God over everything else – congratulations, your new world awaits! The possibilities of which are endless.

For you have proven your ingenuity, your grace in the face of adversity and collective pressure, and your love and trust in Spirit. You stood strong in the empowerment of who you are as a Divine being carrying a conscious spark of creation.

For those who chose fear, more fear-based choices will appear upon your horizon. In fact, you already have a new narrative or fear tactic being pushed out through your media in the form of scarcity and war. I am sure it has captivated your attention as intended by the dark cabal.

These experiences are not to punish anyone or to say your choices were wrong. But instead, to provide you with new opportunities to learn and choose differently. For all earthly experience is intended for the sake of spiritual/soul growth and the expansion of consciousness. You can always choose to walk away and no longer give your attention to feed the narrative or the dark cabal and its structures of power and control.

Those who confronted and overcame their fears by trusting in themselves and in Spirit are not worried by these new narratives and have instead found a new center in reality – a higher ground so to speak which allows them to see the beautiful horizon of the new potential order of things (5D). They have already prepared themselves to be strong and capable in this new world simply by saying “no” to the old one, so they are well on their way.

Many are engaged in entrepreneurial and sustainability efforts for the future – as they know and understand that the current overly material and consumer-driven structures (3D) and mechanisms of control are falling fast now, and that they were never really needed in the first place.

The massive break-away from these old structures is breathtaking to witness energetically as was the number of souls who stood up and said “no” to the dark cabal’s tyranny.

As a result, you’ve won! Though this was already foretold.

Many opportunities, choices, and blessings are available to those anchoring and supporting the emergence of 5D, a new age, social contract, and/or the re-enchantment of the world (depending upon your cosmology and worldview).

Go in good faith knowing that you have already overcome and are tilling the fields of the new order of reality that is soon to be experienced collectively on Earth. You are the pioneers! You are redefining the social contract on earth as well as reclaiming divine sovereignty and authority over it – which in turn will shift individual/collective consciousness and reality for those who can resonate with the new field of vibration.

You are blessed and protected, go forward in the certainty and knowledge that what you are doing is for the benefit of ALL – not just humanity, but all creatures and consciousness connected to the web of life here on Earth and throughout Creation. You have blazed the way and in doing so, you just passed many of your hardest lesson tests in a short period of time. A gauntlet of sorts. The wheat has been separated from the chaff.

Stay the course, and soon what began as a revolution of consciousness will become a new living reality for you. For truly, another level of reality and experience (5D and beyond) must be opened and experienced by those who are ready to move on and further grow, it is universal law. And the rest of Creation (plant, animal, mineral, spirit kingdoms) long to be in communion with humanity once again. Because of all of you, that is now more possible than ever.

The deluge of change and collective secrets revealed of a dying world/schema will continue and we’ll discuss that more later, but in the meantime, enjoy the new ground you stand on – for you fought hard and chose well for it.

An April’s Airings blog post.