Coping with the Absurdity of Current Reality

by April Bender (via Higher Self)

The absurdity of your current collective reality is flagrantly showing itself with the passing of each day. What was once right is now left, what was up is now down. Facts have become slippery and the truth is deliberately suppressed in a thick cloud of false or partial narratives and confusion. Even so, the truth is becoming largely transparent to those many millions of souls now awake and sharing vital information with one another, circumventing the media, its propaganda, and the mechanisms of control.

As a result of this time of great revelation during the turning of this Age, the social order is collapsing as trust in the New World Order officialdom plummets and their secrets are increasingly revealed. And as you know the rabbit hole runs deep, centuries deep.

Humanity has been oppressed and their consciousness suppressed by design so that Mother Earth and her resources (including humanity and her creatures) be under the dark cabal’s dominion to do with as they please. Rest assured “the greater good” is not part of their agenda though they enjoy tossing that phrase around for the emotional charge that it provides.

Even though you have won the war, as reported in our last message, the dark cabal are still going to draw this out into a painful series of absurd dramas, false illusions, and painful transitions in an attempt to cling to their power and their material paradise. I bring this information forward so that you may be prepared for what is to transpire over the course of the next few years.

On the one hand, it will be challenging due the drag the dark cabal and their propaganda will have on the transition of systems (for example, finance, education, politics, etc.) as they try and maintain their rather slippery hold on them. But these systems are already collapsing, so the posturing they do is futile, other than promoting more fear, which is where the challenge will be.

So these will not be easy transitions for the masses, and many will be relying upon those already awakened for guidance. Because the one thing that most everyone will be able to agree on, is that they do not want to reinstate the same type of oppressive and controlling systems that favor the few. Other humans will be relying on you and you must rely on your own intuition/knowing, creativity, and connection with Spirit/God (or whatever form or deity that takes for you). Much like you have been doing, but will be deepening into in order to support the new with your deep wisdom and vision.

On the other hand, this will also be a glorious and amazing transition as humanity is allowed to dream once again of what it most needs in order to thrive and live in harmony with Creation. Many people will return to the land, to a more localized way of living, but one that also includes a global perspective and understanding.

Working with your hands or the trades, crafting, forging, foraging/hunting, salvaging, herbal medicine, energy healing, etc. all of these things will be highly sought after as you work to rebuild a new social order/contract and the typical structures of schools, hospitals, department stores, etc. dissolve (along with their funding sources). And this will take time as each leg of the current social order gives way under the secrets revealed. Another “system” must replace it, even if temporary. This will be a time when ingenuity, creativity, care for your fellow humans, and your deep and abiding faith in God/Spirit will carry most through in a hopeful and deeply meaningful way.

This is the drastic level of change that is needed in order for ALL of humanity to thrive. This why many came here to incarnate on Earth at this time, to witness the turning of this Age and all that it portends such as liberation, reclamation, and divine sovereignty over self. Or in other words, THIS is the moment you’ve been waiting so long for!

To better cope in these times a sense of humor and lightness is recommended, for is their any better way to respond to the absurdity of it all? And your gentle groundedness during such times, will draw curiosity and warmth from others. Your deep and abiding connection to Spirit, to All That Is, illuminates you like never before and they will be attracted to you, wanting to know how is it that you stand untouched (emotionally, energetically) because deep down you already knew what you were going to experience in this lifetime – though perhaps not the fine details, and have been readied.

Anger at times is justifiable, especially as the details of the cabal’s crimes against humanity come into clearer view, but try and keep your anger in check, for you will be relied upon for your calmness and quick thinking in the days to come. As always, continue engaging in activities that bring you joy and help you feel connected to All That Is. For that’s what this New Age or social order shall be all about – reconnecting as well as healing, restoring the Tree/Web of Life to its divine blueprint.

I also wish to remind you of the spirits of your Ancestors, who stand in rapt attention to what is transpiring on Earth. For they too have waited a very long time to see humanity freed (both your star and Earthly ancestors). Always remember that they are walking with and over-lighting you. Gifting every step you take with strength, power, integrity, and conviction. Use it well.

Until next time.

This is an April’s Airings blog post.