A Resource for Discernment: Fact-Checking Media Images

by April Bender

From time to time I try to provide readers resources that they can share with others during this time of great awakening. As mentioned in my last message, Coping with the Absurdity of Current Reality, much confusion and fear is being spread through false and partial narratives and it’s important to practice a great deal of discernment at this time. I encourage all to think critically, do your own research, and trust your intuition/gut.

Below are eye-opening videos from the channel Verify on YouTube. They are an un-biased fact-checking organization made up of a “team of journalists dedicated to fighting the spread of misinformation across platforms through fact checks, research and expert interviews to help the public determine what’s true and false.”

The following videos highlight early Ukraine and Russia conflict footage that was shared across multiple social media platforms but actually came not from the frontlines but from random old footage and content found online. Again, I cannot stress enough the importance of consuming mainstream media content with a strong sense of discernment. For what they are showing you may not be based in reality.

An April’s Airings blog post.