Transcendent Dawn Poem

A Poetic Ode to Lightworkers, Way-showers, and Healers Everywhere

Strange these days of novelty,
that seem to permeate the land.
McKenna theorized when this happens,
the end of our “time” is at hand.

How long is it we’ve waited,
as each season and cycle passed?
Healing, transmuting, trailblazing,
reading every ascension forecast?

We came from many places,
our origins cosmologically diverse.
Our purpose to uplift this planet,
as well as the greater Universe.

At last we have succeeded,
greater light is piercing through.
While the masses reel to and fro,
we know exactly what to do.

We hold the light, we tend ley-lines,
we send out the energy of love.
We stand in our height,
filled with the light shining gloriously from above.

We witness great shifts using our gifts,
to help birth everything anew.
We’re breaking the bonds placed over this world,

by April Bender

An April’s Airings blog post.