“Coming Home” to Our True Nature and Expression

by April Bender

Countless times throughout my life I’ve heard myself sigh and inwardly state with bittersweet longing, “I wish I could just go home!” However, if you asked to which home I was referring to, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. For those details seem to lie just out of reach of my waking conscious mind, and yet it was a place or experience that I feel is deeply core to me, even if fuzzy in memory.

What I do remember, from before I incarnated here on Earth, are the remnant fragments (feelings and brief images) of a place full of love, joy, acceptance, and deep understanding. Where I was accepted and loved simply for being who I was – a unique expression of the Divine/Creation. There was an ease to being in relationship to self and others, and words were seldom used.

Additionally, there was no sense of fear, money, or ownership – just a glorious sense of communion with all life, all of Creation. Like everyone and everything was cheering on the blossoming of life, of living into potential, of learning, of creating. These were the priorities of everyday living. And I remember this place lovingly as the place I call “home.”

I mention this because I’ve heard from many of you over the years that you’ve felt the same way. You’re homesick for a place you can’t name or fully remember, but it is so deeply seated in your heart and soul that you burn to re-experience it. Finding the experience of Earth distasteful in comparison.

Luckily, with the shifting of our Age, the incoming energetics in support of that shift, all our efforts to anchor those energies and transmute the old ones, and the crumbling of our current paradigm this sense of “home” is something that can now be experienced on Earth in a more consistent and tangible way.

Indeed, this is part of the transition plan as we bridge the energetics from “home” with the Earthly material world – creating the opportunity for the collective to experience higher dimensional living and social order construct. I believe this is also why we remember “home” while on our sojourn here – again, to serve as bridges and to anchor that awareness here on Earth for others to access and build upon.

We also serve as powerful exemplars to others when we choose to live a life that is authentic and in full alignment with what we believe and express, and congruent with our experience of “home.” For “home” is just another word for our true nature within Creation.

Our nature is that of divine consciousness seeking expression and experience. We are first and foremost CREATORS. And when we learn to love and trust in our creations (be them formless in terms of thoughts/ideas or with material form or speech), we learn to love and trust in ourselves. But you have to remember that you are in fact creating or reinforcing reality in all these various ways (what you think, what you say, how you act, what you choose, what you believe, etc.) for they will show up to reinforce themselves in your every day experience.

This brings me to the current state of affairs and the power of our choices and our will to act. The COVID mandates for example, were a powerful catalyst for many folks to finally say “no” and walk away from the slave-labor system. Freeing themselves from the bondage of an oppressive system that does little for the flourishing of the individual let alone humanity.

Many have gone into business for themselves, and others have re-engaged with the slave labor system but from the vantage point of taking control or sovereignty over self and declaring their needs be heard and met before signing on. More of a true partnership or collaboration. And of course others, still operating entirely out of fear, chose to re-engage in the same way as before, took what they could get, or complied from the start.

I was one that walked away from a 16-year high-level position at a local non-profit. While on the one hand it can be terrifying to think about how to make ends meet on the other, I’ve found a tremendous sense of freedom and joy in creative pursuits that override any fear or anxiety I may have about the future. For I trust in Spirit, I trust and believe in myself, and I know that I have gifts and capacities that I can personally rely on to keep me financially afloat. I’m working hard to launch a new art and craft business (which previously I just considered a hobby – one of my paintings is featured with this post), I’ve rededicated myself to this blog and my readers, and I’ve inspired a few others to branch out on their own as well. I feel Spirit filling my sails and it feels incredible. I haven’t felt this alive and boundless in a very long time. And best of all, I finally feel like I’ve “come home.”

I now more fully understand the importance of living a life of integrity – in alignment with your deepest beliefs and values. It changes your world, your reality. It re-anchors you in your true center and nature. It is true that if you take a risk and follow your heart, your passions, that Spirit/God and your higher self will be there to support you in a BIG way. You just have to believe in yourself and do the work. And remember, we came here to trailblaze this very movement (among others) so that others may follow in our footsteps and see that flourishing outside of an oppressive system and past conditioning is entirely possible.

I’m also not exposing myself to the lower energies or shadow aspects often found in a typical work environment such as fear, anxiety, power-differentials, keeping up with appearances, feeling the need to compete or “be seen,” etc. Without that daily exposure I am better able to maintain a sense of being present and enjoying life as it unfolds – noticing that there is Spirit, magic and mystery everywhere. 5D and other higher dimensional states are always available to us.

The problem is the mind control system and technologies that are in place as well as the withholding of truth from humanity about its true nature and the nature of reality. However, it’s amazing how once you turn your back on the system and its broadcasts, it begins to disappear from view. Not entirely, as I still have to engage with it on a practical level, but those moments simply come and go. They are not a large part of my reality. I do however, work/create all-day everyday on the new reality I’m building but each day I get to wake up and decide for myself what my priorities for the day/week should be. I’m the boss or sovereign of my day and it’s quite a magnificent feeling.

So all of that to say, it’s easier to go home than you may think – for home is always present and available when you take your head, your thinking, and your attention outside of the matrix and return it to your full authentic and sovereign self. For the state or reality you seek to experience, is your very nature. Which is boundless love, energy, and consciousness that is constantly moving, creating, and expressing the energies in which it encounters and engages with. It just needs to be allowed to breathe and to fly. Instead it’s been conditioned to go and serve another master every day and to consume specific energies that provoke a certain response (namely fear). It’s time to end that conditioning/programming. For if we encounter a harmful or defunct program, does it make sense to keep running it? Especially when we know the enormity of what’s at stake?

As my Higher Self mentioned in our previous message, there will be plenty of other catalysts and opportunities coming up which will further propel folks to move away from aspects of the current system and paradigm (some by choice and some by force) – further weakening its hold. This will further reinforce a sense of self-sufficiency, liberation, trust in Spirit/God, and a new field of potential movement for the individual as well as the collective. From there new structures and systems that actually support human flourishing will rise from the ashes of the old. They will be co-created, tested, and refined over time. It will be a monumental shift away from the old, a new birth and beginning in the biggest sense imaginable.

This is the overall theme and energy that will be dominant from the Spring Equinox all the way to the Fall Equinox and beyond, attempting to catalyze an even larger movement away from illusion and back to the true nature of Self through the revelation of secrets revealed (more to come from Higher Self soon).

So now is the moment in which to strongly consider what you must do in order to bring yourself into greater integrity and alignment with what you believe in and know is right and how you live that out on a daily basis. Whether you start small or go big depending upon your circumstances, it doesn’t matter, but it’s time to be planting those seeds for what is to come. You’ll be in a better position if you consider this now rather than waiting until the paradigm or certain structures have collapsed. Take control of your own destiny and don’t become a casualty when it all comes crashing down – for that is inevitable. You’ll be stronger, wiser, and happier for it.

For those who are already living in alignment with their true and authentic selves BRAVO! Thank you! Many of you have inspired me to do the same. Please consider commenting and sharing a bit of your story to help inspire others who are struggling with taking this leap or don’t know where to start.

Wishing many blessings to you all,


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