Spring Equinox Portal Update: Retuning the Tree of Life

by April Bender (via Higher Self)

As the collective waves of awakening continue to crash upon your shores bringing shadow to light, revealing truth over illusion, a greater revelation leading to re-harmonization has begun to permeate your world as well as your very being.

As this greater harmonization seeks to permeate the collective mind of humanity, it also seeks unity and greater harmonization within the Tree of Life and all Creation of which it is intrinsically connected to, leading to ascension and/or the re-enchantment and liberation of your world. Returning it to a state of divine wholeness. Inspiring a deeper understanding of one’s true nature, as recently discussed.

Through the choices and actions of each individual, as also recently discussed, the tune or frequency that each individual initiate, lightworker, healer, or way-shower emits has now drastically changed to that of a more elevated and refined nature or tone (or is in the process of changing). This is what in large part is prompting the re-harmonization of the entire Tree/Web of Life. To accommodate those changes in tone.

For you see, the tone or vibration you emit determines where you reside within the Tree of Life as well as infuses and informs it, as your tone becomes part of a collective (vibrational) song. It also determines the degree in which other forms of life can come into relationship with you, can commune with you. As well as the dimensions and/or realms that you may visit and experience.

In an oppressed or “fallen state,” humanity is not able to fully participate in, let alone have awareness of, all the levels of consciousness and relationships to which it is naturally a part (5D and above). It is therefore cut off from experiencing its full self, its multidimensional reality, and its full exquisite potential. It’s very vitality and health cut-off and jeopardized to such a degree that mental health issues and addiction become a societal norm. As you already know, this is why the light-body-process or stages of awakening had to begin taking place early on, culminating to where you are now. As things must be tended to one layer, one clearing, or ascension step at a time.

Additionally, with the sheer number of souls who have recently awakened and/or advanced in the last 2-3 years a monumental shift has occurred. The tipping point has been reached to the point of it now manifesting in your outer world or reality.

As a result, the illusion placed over your world is being toppled by the energetics and streams of expanded consciousness you are sending forth into the collective. You are witnessing the cracking up and ultimate demise of a fallen world, as it gives itself over to light, liberation, truth, love, and greater awareness.

This year’s spring equinox portal further builds upon that landscape and energetics. With “air” as it’s leading element, the gates of spring are burst open by the winds of grace, change, and renewal. Air relates to fresh thought and inspired thinking, new beginnings/births, revitalization, the return of the Sun and vitality, and a time for planting seeds for the harvest that is to come later in the year.

The highly charged energetics now streaming through this portal are meant to heighten and crystalize an even stronger sense of self and collective empowerment, vibrancy and vitality, unconditional love and communion with all facets of Creation, as well as provide fresh thinking and planning towards thriving outside of a dying and oppressive system.

I would encourage all to use this time, between the spring equinox and the summer solstice to really get into this frame of mind, of fully understanding and planning for the eventual collapse of the old and the co-creation of the new, and how you will bridge the interim time of upheaval.

Higher harmonics are flooding in to further shape and refine the weaving of filaments of light/consciousness, opening doorways and potentials that were previously closed, and purifying any elements of decay. Overall, providing a new and refined harmonic and alignment that will better support new structures seeking to come online as well as deepening and strengthening relationships along the Tree/Web of Life.

Many will be blessed with gifts and heightened psychic awareness and abilities at this time as the doorways of perception are flung open and the harmonization process further plays out. Pay close attention to your dream, meditation, and visionary experiences for they will prepare you for the time ahead. Some may even experience more conscious “mystical” daily experiences and journeys as light-body capacity thresholds are met and inherent gifts like telepathy and bilocation are switched “on” or accessed.

Nature, the Divine Feminine, is opening herself to you, to humanity once more for fuller integration and communion. The air crackles with magic and expectation as each tree, flower, plant, and animal as well as many different forms of spirit/consciousness seek heartfelt communion and reintegration back into a larger more wholistic reality. Back into the hearts of each man, woman, and child.

First, humanity must come back to itself. Therefore, an opportunity and energetics are also being provided for deeper heart healing and expansion at this time. The Divine Feminine calls all to anchor in their heart center, just as you are anchored in hers. She is here to support those in lessons and transformations of the heart.

When fully present, you will notice the air feels different, the sky looks different, and even the animals are acting differently. This is because they sense the energetics and the changes that are afoot in the human world. In fact all creatures seen/unseen, incarnate/discarnate, throughout the dimensional levels or Tree of Life can feel this upshift and reharmonizing process taking place. They can feel the hearts and minds of humankind expanding and shifting as well as the fabric of reality changing.

While the energies may feel intense, try and take advantage of this time of grace and do the necessary inner work to prepare yourself for the times ahead. For as humanity moves into the summer solstice passions will flare up as more secrets of the dark cabal are revealed to humanity, and systems and structures start to fail in a spectacular way.

Many of you can already see the proverbial writing on the wall. The masses will begin to rise up in great protest, anger and shock and there will be a lot of energy you’ll be tasked with anchoring and holding during these times of upheaval that will last from the summer solstice into the Lion’s Gate and beyond. It will indeed be a challenging Summer of “Fire” as passions ignite at a massive level and move many to act.

So enjoy this time now by exploring your heightened gifts and abilities, the new harmonics, and integrating the information that comes from those experiences, for you’ll be receiving a lot. Enjoy the new higher ground that you find yourself on, breathe deeply, and soak it all in. For a miraculous future of sublime potential stretches before you as the Tree of Life is gradually restored to its original splendor.

Until next time.

An April’s Airings blog post.