The Estrangement of Those Awakened

by April Bender via Higher Self

While the estrangement of those who have awakened to life’s tyranny in relation to the rest of the world/matrix tends to happen at the onset of any age of enlightenment or awakening such as you are now, and have been experiencing with the lead up to and crossing over into the astrological Age of Aquarius. I should like to address some underlying currents of division and discord that may add to these feelings of estrangement. As these currents are very much responsible for setting the stage for a very chaotic and extremely turbulent mass awakening.

It’s no secret to you that there are forces out there who do not wish to see humanity progress/ascend or return to its state of divine health and wholeness (depending upon your worldview) and would instead, prefer to keep humans limited, dumbed-down, and bound for their own personal greed, wealth, and accumulation. They are usually to be found in positions of power or influence in just about every major sector and industry of earth life. They are part of a network with deep pockets and global influence and won’t hesitate to blackmail, extort, or otherwise manipulate those who would refuse to enact their agendas. They feed off fear, and in doing so, can quickly drain one’s will or willpower.

They meet and plot under the cover of darkness or on their private dark ritual islands, but have grown increasingly arrogant and now place their symbols and drop hints to their nefarious plans in very public spaces. They are a collective mix of human beings and fallen angels, inter-dimensionals, or extra-terrestrials (whichever you prefer to call them), and they have been here interacting with and manipulating humankind for millennia either directly or through their descendants. They are the counter-force to those like you who along with the forces of light (the good angels and/or extra-terrestials/inter-dimensionals along with Source) who would like to see the Earth healed, uplifted, united, and at peace – which means ascended in collective consciousness to 5D (where you graduate to become a Population 2 star system and the world suddenly becomes a much larger place). Keep in mind that the same forces that have enslaved and oppressed Earth have also enslaved and oppressed other planets and systems as well. Earth’s liberation and subsequent healing is tied to their liberation and healing, an important fact to remember and consider. That is why so much is and always has been, at stake.

April note: If this is all new to you, I suggest you check out the ancient myths of Sumer/Babylon – see Z. Sitchin’s translation here.

There are many around you now who are being held captive and swayed by the dueling narratives that these powers-that-be or global elite are broadcasting in your mainstream and social media that are intended to pit neighbor against neighbor, lightworker against lightworker, to in large keep the focus off of them and their agenda and to keep all enslaved to their vision of Earth life. Their shadowy cast can come in many shades and tones. Their purest intention and ultimate aim however, is an all out grab for the human WILL, therefore it is also by nature a battle for the human spirit/soul, for WILL arises out of the spiritual/conscious self. Please really just reflect on that for a moment. Once they enslaved humanity’s WILL, everything else followed in outer reality (The Fall). This is how they can control and manipulate all.

Once humans wake up and WILLFULLY stop feeding the narratives and mistruths, stop consuming the lies, and begin using their own minds, their own discernment, their own WILL power and intent, and begin focusing their superpowers of attention, intention, faith and belief into holding positive and uplifting images for humankind, as well as all life within the larger web of life they will be standing in their divine authentic glorious selves – everything then changes, reality itself changes!

However, in the meantime these dueling narratives and the over-identification with them can still cause a great deal of suffering, chaos, and destruction. In such polarizing and emotionally charged times such as these, it is rather common for those who are awake and refuse to participate with the official narratives/myths, to often feel estranged or marginalized from society. While this is something that you’ve most likely grown accustomed to some degree simply because of who you are and what you express (many of you considered anomalies in your family or communities because of what you think and believe) you may now be experiencing a much deeper degree of estrangement. And if you haven’t yet, you most likely will.

Let me explain. Right now you are both the enemy of the powers-that-be because of what you know, the work you do, and your refusal to get with their program, as well as the awakened populace because you threaten their reality and sense of safety with your truth-telling, especially with those who are strongly identifying with the narratives currently being pushed. Probably now so more than ever because the energetics are fast approaching a very large peak/spike, pressure is being applied from all sides in dramatic ways (the higher incoming energetics, the turning of the Age itself, the final push of the powers-that-be, the push by every individual’s Divine Higher Self/I AM presence to see past the illusion/matrix), which will culminate in a tidal wave of mass awakening over the next few years.

Because of the frustration, annoyance, or even vitriol often aimed at you for speaking your truth it might be tempting to sit back and relax and watch all this playout from the safety of your home and/or to withdrawal your energies from situations and people who are not as awake or who just don’t see or understand the full breadth of what’s truly going on. While in the past, it was completely fine to do this as everyone needs a break and respite from time to time for various reasons, right now at this most crucial moment in time it is not wise to stand on the sidelines or to remove your energy from where it is most needed. Sure you could focus your energies solely on enjoying your own personal state of vibrational upliftment (because if an adept you are already oscillating between 3D and 5D all the time), or you could get down to brass tacks so to speak, realize it’s “go time” and begin to mobilize your thoughts, intentions and actions and do the job you most beautiful and brilliant ones came here to do for the benefit of ALL within the web of life! Because prior to incarnating here, you knew what was at stake.

To be clear, this isn’t about going out and trying to change another’s mind about a particular issue or topic. Or to try and get others to believe spiritually the same way that you do, as there are many spiritual wells from which Divine Spirit pours forth. You are instead being asked to help break the spell of will-control being promulgated by the powers-that-be. You are being asked to step-up your role as divine witness and truth-teller. In order to rattle the programming that’s going on in the minds of the masses, a series of disruptions must be made. Many disruptions and dysfunctions are already being highlighted at this time as the mainstream media begins to break down, whistle-blowers come out, the declassification of government documents ensues, and as more people tune into alternative news sources to try and find out what is really going on.

So many have woken up in just the last few years alone. Everyone’s Higher Selves/I AM presences, the incoming energetics, and The Three Waves of Global Transformation, have been doing their jobs exceptionally well. In some cases, all people yet need is just a little nudge, a little more information, a simple connection to be made, or a really good visual to breakthrough. The tipping point is so very close. Can you not feel it?

Can you imagine if all those that came before you, after all the toil and service decided to hang it up and go hermit precisely when the world needed them the most, just when a breakthrough was imminent (no matter how small), because they were tired of feeling estranged and misunderstood? No dear ones, for the energies are with you, the masses have been primed and cracks are now appearing in your earthly 3D matrix. All you need to do is put a little pressure and visibility on those cracks to watch it all come crumbling down. And at the very least, just be sure to interject your energy into conversations and spaces in ways that make people think by pointing out larger negative patterns or areas of dysfunction and injustice (such as the most recent social media censorship issue). Do be wise in your approach and in your surroundings, as for the first little while the powers-that-be will attempt to tighten their controls, in some cases in drastic ways. Which can also cause others to unexpectedly lash out. So do mind your own physical safety.

Trust, have faith, and let the blessings that are inherently humanity’s such as freedom, willpower, and the power of conscious co-creation be reclaimed. And remember, you will not be estranged or considered the “enemy” for very long. For soon, many will look to you for your help and guidance.

For those who have never stopped pointing things out to others and shouting the truth from their rooftops, social media channels, or art, etc. Bless You! Your fearless resolve is a beautiful example of courage, love, service and devotion to your beautiful authentic selves and the cause. Just be aware that some of your spiritual friends around you may need your encouragement and support with this latest invitation.

You are all blessed, loved, and fully supported in all that you do in service to The Great Awakening.

Be excited dear ones, rejoice in your hearts, for a tremendous outpouring of revelation from the collective unconscious/psyche is already washing across your shores with the crossing into The Age of Aquarius. It’s the moment, the timeframe, you’ve long been waiting for! Many choices and many potentials lie ahead but one thing is for certain, very few things will stay the same.

Until next time. . .

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