Your Brain Hallucinates Your Conscious Reality

Two Incredible Examples/Sources

As our first example, I am excited to re-share this very engaging and enlightening TED Talk by neuroscientist, Anil Seth, as it offers readers an inside look at some of the amazing research findings coming out in the field of neuroscience.

I share this as evidence and affirmation that the new paradigm and worldview that we all seek manifestation of and have worked so hard for is at hand. Changes and profound shifts are afoot in many scientific fields, institutions and disciplines that will shape the worldviews and structures of tomorrow and it is my pleasure to share one powerful example with you today.

This video is also a wonderful “woke content” resource to be shared with friends and family as it may help to expand current thinking and self-agency by highlighting expanded human capacities as related to the underpinnings of reality.

This video is approximately 17 minutes.

For further reading and reflection on this topic. . .

You may want to check out the second example, which is the following declassified document link from one our leading alphabet agencies on their assessment of The Gateway Project or time-travel and the holographic nature of reality (and capacities of the human mind). Fair Warning: It’s a pretty deep rabbit hole. The site link will take you to the – one of the best repositories of declassified documents.

To hear this document read and discussed I would recommend the following video by YouTuber Brian Scott (his channel is highlighted on our Practice Tools page).

This video is approximately 2 hours in duration.

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