A Reminder to Cultivate Your Superpowers

Often as we go through our days, and more and more attention is drawn or utilized to carry out typical every day tasks that occupy our time, we can forget about the basic or the foundations of not only our spiritual practices but also the very gifts and capacities that we are blessed to have been gifted by Prime Creator/Source/Universe as a spiritual being having a human experience. These capacities can serve one well in any situation and will assist one in achieving deeper states of connection with Self, Spirit, Soul and other forms of conscious life. These gifts will also help to center, ground, and support you through the culmination/peak process of the three waves of global transformation that have been pummeling individuals as well as the collective for quite some time now.

They are one’s core superpowers so to speak, that everything else one does or practices is built upon. They are not new to most spiritual initiates but they do need to be regularly honed, attended to, and cultivated to be of the greatest service to oneself and the upliftment of the overall planetary experience. These are not things one simply learns once and then later on dismisses or becomes lazy with – somehow thinking they have moved passed them like “yea yea, I know that.” Even if one is quite good at some of the following, it does not mean one should stop deepening into them – for they are the gifts that keep on giving and have EVERYTHING to do with how one manifests and perceives their experience on Earth and elsewhere. It’s also important to note that these “powers'” are even more potent and effective when utilized together.

these superpowers include


Intention is the shaper of worlds, perception and experience. In one’s everyday experience they should ask themselves what are they intending/expecting will happen in any given situation or encounter? What is their intent in making the choice they are about to make or recently made? Be honest with oneself. What does that choice or situation symbolically represent? Love, unworthiness, joy, fear, etc.?

One’s world, one’s reality, reflects back to one what they intend and/or expect to see from the deepest parts of Self. This includes one’s thoughts, feelings, beliefs and therefore intentions around everything – objects, people/relationships, ideas, environments, creativity, etc…for it all plays into how one shapes, experiences, and interacts with reality. If one is unhappy with their current state of reality consider the following quote:

“if we focus on what’s ugly, we attract more ugliness into our thoughts, and then into our emotions, and ultimately into our lives”
             -Wayne W. Dyer, The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way

When one becomes disciplined in being more intentional in their thoughts, everything else (emotions, actions, etc.) including their outer experience then follows. People, other forms of consciousness, and morphogenic fields feel and respond to that intent as well, as it is carried around in one’s energy field, pulling all those things around one’s intent toward one. If one wants to form deeper relationships with other forms of life or aspects of Self, one should start by intending it. And then be prepared to follow the inner promptings/intuition, opportunities, and synchronicities that arrive to support and guide one. This is one heck of a superpower or capacity to have at one’s disposal!

Unfortunately however, this superpower does not work well on its own, it needs attention, awareness, heart, belief and imagination to go with it so that one doesn’t miss out on those very opportunities, inner messages, synchronicities, or stepping stones the Universe lays out before one to lead them to the fulfillment of their intent, expectation, creation, or temporary destination.


To give something attention is to give it power and life. What are you focusing your attention on in any given moment? What one focuses on, one becomes increasingly aware of and begins to think and create an intent about. Therefore, the more one focuses on something, the more apt they are to pull it into their experience in some way, whether consciously or unconsciously. 

For example if one’s attention is constantly fixed on the future and one’s worries/concerns residing there, one will increasingly think more and more about the future, they’ll then become emotive about it, and form intentions, expectations or judgments around it which will soon begin to manifest within their experience as a feeling of anxiety, worry, conflict, and powerlessness. Likewise if their attention is constantly trained in the past..their thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions will then follow suit and will eventually manifest into their reality, causing many to relive pain and suffering that is no longer necessary to their experience.

It is best to train one’s attention upon the present moment. For All That Is , exists within any given present moment. Not in the past and not in the future, for one is gone and the other yet to come. So one should be attentive or “tend to” what is happening in any given moment. The more one practices and deepens into this capacity the more sensitive they will become to the more subtle movements and workings of life both within and all around oneself (seen and unseen). This is the moment when attention begins to shift into awareness, as many of you know.

Once honed, this superpower is much like hyper-hearing, seeing, knowing and feeling all at once. For it develops into a supersense of sorts. Eventually, one can become aware of all things around them, all at once, at multiple levels and then begin to play with extending that out to non-local destinations.


The presence I speak of here is the full, authentic and total presence of one’s Self (all three aspects) planted surely and squarely (but also humbly) within one’s place on Earth. This not only provides one with much health, vitality, and sense of well-being but is also a very effective form of protection/shielding.

When one loves, has faith and confidence in oneself, as well as feels secure in the totality of who they are and all that they are connected to and nourished by…one is standing in their full Glory or radiance, and others notice. Think of this capacity as the superhero stance. Strong, sturdy, self-assured, honorable, head held high, etc. This is not an egotistical stance but one of self-empowerment, courage, and love. The power it provides one is that of self-empowerment, which allows one to move more fluidly through obstacles and challenges in life. When one has a strong center grounded (especially in faith), it is much harder to be knocked out of it. One is no longer at the mercy of any prevailing winds.

If one does gets knocked down, they get back up because presence implies action and perseverance as much as calm and reflection. It is the One that has reconciled Self on many levels and therefore has no question of worthiness, love, inherent divinity, or validity. So in essence, own it!


One often doesn’t consider the heart to be a superpower but it most assuredly is. For it is the heart that sustains one’s physical body and also purifies and emboldens one’s intentions, motivations, and actions. It is where one’s sense of love, honor, dedication, commitment, and courage resides, among many other admirable qualities. It is also through the heart that one finds their deepest connections and resonances to God/Spirit, self, and others, making it perhaps one’s greatest healer and teacher in life.

Like the mind, the heart also has the ability to transcend space/time and moreover is the universal language of all creation. This is the language that is needed to connect with and heal the deepest parts of Self along with the ability to bridge worlds and form co-creative relationships with different essences and forms of consciousness. And similar to intent, other forms of life can easily read what is carried in the heart. Intent and heart (or lack thereof) cannot be hidden, except maybe to inattentive or unaware humans. 

Within the current culture on earth, the heart is greatly undervalued and underestimated. It’s time for all light-workers and way-showers to demonstrate to the world the power of what the heart can do!


Belief can move mountains. Without it, one sees little in the way of desired effect. In this way, belief walks hand in hand with intention setting. So what do you believe about yourself? The universe? God/Source/Spirit? Your superpowers? Your divinity? Your worthiness? Your health? Belief fuels one’s intentions/expectations and therefore what one magnetizes towards oneself in the way of experience, perception and/or manifested reality.

If one does not believe themselves worthy of self-love for example, then they will struggle a great deal in having an experience of it even if they are intending it to be so. Similarly, if one intends for themselves to become an ascended master/adept, way-shower or healer but does not believe themselves capable, they will face many obstacles trying to realize that intention until they finally do deal with their limiting beliefs. For in both cases, the intention is not backed by the power of belief only wishful thinking. This is why the alignment between belief (including faith) and intention is so important.

So I urge all light-workers and way-showers to constantly examine their beliefs and attitudes about anything they are wanting to intend and/or manifest in the world, especially if what is showing up for them is contradictory to what one is trying to intend. Sometimes this can take more time than one may think, as many of one’s beliefs are cemented in early in life or over the course of several experiences spanning years in one’s life – so there may be quite a bit of unraveling that takes place to get to the center/source of a belief but it is well worth the effort. For belief holds a great deal of power. This is one superpower in particular along with intent, that can work for or against oneself because like intent, it is not one that can be turned off or dimmed, only guided.


The power of imagination is the ultimate creative power. If one can clearly visualize that which they intend and believe whole-heartedly in that vision – there is no stopping the manifestation of it.

Imagination can also be utilized as a wonderful communication tool. Images, symbols and color are often modes of communication between various realms/worlds. If you wish to communicate and/or commune with other forms of consciousness in these realms or even with deeper aspects of Self, this is one superpower you don’t want to leave at home!

This is another power that has little value placed on it in your world. However the potential for its use is staggering. Being a power of the mind, it has the capacity to move across and beyond time and space, making it a most effective tool or power having no limits or boundaries save oneself.

In closing, cultivate and hone these superpowers! For they are inherent gifts or endowments of your divine birthright and again, are foundational to all that you do or will do. To fully claim your and ultimately humanity’s role as active co-creators among Creation, this act of reclaiming and/or cultivating these superpowers is vital and necessary. Do not be afraid to step into the full blessing of the spiritual creator being that you truly are!

There are some really great practice tools listed here, that can help you maximize many of these superpowers!

In love and light,


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