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Woke artists are highlighted on this blog as a tool of awakening and societal reflection. Content featured here may be considered controversial, it may not be your cup of tea and I personally may not agree with every lyric or point raised, but I try to select artists who in the main speak deeper truths in powerful ways meant to help stir the collective consciousness towards awakening or deeper understanding, as well as attempt to incorporate differing viewpoints. As is with most content of the woke nature – you either love it or you hate it but you don’t usually forget it.

Featured Artist/Song of the Week – February 1

Tom MacDonald – “Fake Woke”

Canadian Rapper and Music Producer

While admittedly this is not one of my favorite music genres, I am featuring Tom this week for his latest song and video currently #1 on iTunes, “Fake Woke.” It’s making quite a few waves on social media as he’s being heralded by many diverse people as “a voice of awakening.”

If you have a recommendation for Featured Woke Artist of the Week, please comment down below. Please include an artist page or YouTube link and a little bit about why you love this artist.

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